On-Demand Taxi Dispatching is a Snap

Snap Dispatch is an on-demand taxi dispatch software application that was created by a growing company to fill a void for on-demand dispatchers. Snap Dispatch is a paperless, real-time dispatch system that optimizes the dispatching, data collection and data reporting processes for maximum efficiency for on-demand dispatching companies (taxi, volunteer driver, units on aging, shared ride systems, rural transit, limousine, etc.)--and does so for a reasonable cost. No other product on the market meets the needs of on-demand dispatchers for a reasonable cost.

The Snap Dispatch program is not only real-time and inexpensive, but has very versatile search and reporting features that allow you to build reports to suit your needs. Snap Dispatch is divided in to the dispatch segment and the administrative segment.


Dispatchers can enter ride information when it is called in, and assign it to a driver in that vicinity. They know at a glance where each driver is and which calls will need to be assigned next. They can edit, cancel or re-assign a call very easily. With Snap Dispatch dispatchers no longer search lists to look for the next call that should be assigned as the calls appear in the order of pick up time regardless of when they are entered. They can add repeating rides with the Standing Calls feature and even enter rides scheduled days and weeks in advance with the Timed Calls feature. They also have the options of adding a rider's name or special ride notes or to leave a message for other dispatchers to alert them of special circumstances.


Administrative personnel can sort the real-time data for use in projecting budget and scheduling needs. Snap Dispatch provides reports to monitor vehicles, drivers and dispatchers to keep everything working efficiently and greatly reduce accounting time. Personnel also have the ability to produce Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports (other state reports will be added in the near future) easily and can compile data for use in invoicing.